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The 4 Facts on Why You Need the Best Sunscreen

Posted by Dan Narsete on

  Are you sunscreen savvy? This is an important question to ask yourself on whether or not sunscreen is a part of your daily life. We hope it is! But right now if you are a little lax in this department of skincare, we’re here to tell you that there are so many reasons why you should slather yourself in the right sunscreen each day. Here are the best 4 facts on why you need to wear sunscreen or sunblock every day. Keep in mind if you don’t like the goopy feel of sunscreen, many modern beauty companies are making the best sunscreens that are so lightweight and sheer, you can’t even feel the texture at all after the application. Trust us on this fact, it’s pretty cool!


Sunscreen Fact #4: Prevents Dark Spots (Hyperpigmentation)

  Call them what you want...brown spots, age spots, dark spots, etc, but either way this is “hyperpigmentation” in the skin caused by unprotected sun exposure. The skin spots turn brown because of the melanin or pigment in the skin that is affected by the skin cells (melanocytes) reaction to the sun. You can prevent some of this by wearing the best sunscreen or covering up with sun protective SPF based clothing.


Sunscreen Fact #3: Helps Stave Off Premature Aging

  In other words, you don’t want wrinkles and fine lines early, do you? That’s a fact about unprotected sun exposure. It causes premature aging in the skin. Everyone ages at their own pace. You can absolutely slow down this aging process in the skin by taking care to apply sunscreen each day, even for incidental sun exposure. That’s just what you get from the sun walking outside for a minute or two.


Sunscreen Fact #2: Elasticy Suffers Without It

  Sagging in the skin people! That’s what happens with excessive and unprotected sunbathing. Your skin is going to break down faster, meaning that the elasticity won’t be a plumped up and firm as it used to be. So sagging skin is the result of not using enough of the best sunscreen when you are outside. The collagen and elastin fibers get damaged by the UVA/UVB exposure.


Sunscreen Fact #1: Skin Cancer

 Two very scary words that could mean the end of your life. Skin cancer. It’s happening more and more than you might think. The Skin Cancer Foundation has a website with some frightening and accurate stats on just how prominent skin cancer is in the United States. Trust us, protect yourself now with the best sunscreen that you enjoy using, so that you don’t develop skin cancer issues in the future.

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