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"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time" – Linden Tyler

Who are we? We are a group of skincare savvy specialists.  We are ingredient junkies. Resveratrol enthusiasts (can't resist a little nerdy humor). Product hoarders and research fanatics. We've never met a clinical study we didn't like. We enjoy long walks on the beach (wearing SPF, of course).  

Because of our love for all things skin, Reflect began because we were ALWAYS getting asked about skincare recommendations. Friends, family, the gal in the grocery store line, the traveler sitting next to us on the plane, the bartender at the local hangout. Everyday, people are asking for our advice because they trust us and [insert shameless plug] we know our stuff. Many of you are tired of wasting your hard-earned $$ on products that don't work for you. There is a lot of snake oil out there. We know. We've bought the snake oil; we researched the snake oil. We've drank the Kool-aide. Darn those celebrity endorsements - gets us every time. We've talked to Karen.  No, Karen we don't want to buy your skincare.  

With a combined 50+ years in the medical aesthetics industry, we've done the clinical research for you and picked the very best skincare has to offer. Everything we sell has been rigorously studied in clinical trials, written about in scientific journals and has effective ingredients in the quality and quantity necessary for you to achieve your skincare goals.  

There are a lot of amazing skincare brands out there, but there isn't a great place to purchase a customized, tailored skincare regimen based on professional-strength products for optimal results...until Reflect.  

Well, we've heard your frustrations loud and clear. Like brand new Bose speakers. So, you can now use your extra time and extra $$’s to do whatever it is you like to do. Oh, and don't forget the resveratrol. 

Cheers to better skin,

Team Reflect