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"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time" – Linden Tyler

Reflect started because we are ALWAYS getting asked about skincare recommendations. Friends, family, the gal in the grocery store line, the traveler sitting next to us on the plane, the server at the local Italian restaurant. You get the drift. We found there isn't a great place to purchase customized, tailored skincare. So, here is the answer. Reflect.

We are based in Denver, Colorado and have been in the medical aesthetics and surgical industry for a combined 50+ years. Led by both respected Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Narsete MD and industry veteran Dan Narsete, we've done the clinical research for you and picked the very best skincare. Everything we sell has been rigorously studied in clinical trials and in scientific journals.  Leading physicians will tell you that for skincare to really start to make a difference it takes 60-90+ days. So, we tailored regimens to do just that.

Who are we? Ingredient junkies. Product hoarders. Research fanatics. We've never met a clinical study we didn't enjoy reading. Resveratrol enthusiasts (for those of us science nerds just a little bit of ingredient humor). We enjoy long walks on the beach (wearing sunscreen, of course).  

Everyday, people are asking for our advice because they trust us and [insert shameless plug] we kind of know our stuff. They also ask us because they are overwhelmed and they're tired of wasting their hard-earned dollars on products that don't work. There is a lot of snake oil out there. We know. We've bought the snake oil. We've drank the Kool-aide. Darn those celebrity endorsements - gets us every time. 

There are billions (might be exaggerating here) of choices out there from Walgreens to multi-level marking to prescription products to luxury department store brands to products made in friend's garages (yep, we've tried those, too). Tack on social media and you have mass confusion and chaos. 

Well, we've heard your frustrations loud and clear. Like brand new Bose speakers. So, you can now use your extra time to do whatever it is you like to do. Oh, and don't forget the resveratrol. 

We get it. You can thank us later. 


To better skin, 







Dan Narsete, President

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Narsete, MD

Dermatologist Dr. Amy Paul, DO

Dr. Adam Barsky, PHD

Michele Ott, RN

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate with Reflect? 

Reasons to become an affiliate with Reflect:
  • No opening order minimums
  • No overhead
  • No inventory stocking
  • Invites to exclusive events
  • Do not have to deal with returns or client questions
  • Branded approach to skincare
  • Proprietary access to customized skincare algorithm
  • On-going training
  • Marketing support
  • Little or no risk
  • Competition
  • 9+ different skin care brands
  • Access to medical grade skincare without having to pay for medical director
  • $Residual income

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