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5 Ways to Get That Summer Beach Body Now

Posted by Dan Narsete on


  Summer isn’t technically here until Friday, June 21, but hopefully you’re already outside enjoying the late spring weather and making the most of that beautiful sunshine. If you are a little nervous about stepping into those swimsuits or beach trunks there is still plenty of time to get that summer beach body you can be proud of showing off. Or at least feel a little bit better about yourself at the pool! Here are 5 ways to get physically and mentally in the right mood for summertime right now.

Tip #5: Get Moving

  It’s never too late to start a fun exercise program. You can literally do any combination of cardio, strength training, and an ab workout about 3-4 days per week. Pick something you’ll feel inspired to do, whether that’s jumping rope, playing volleyball, or even taking spin classes with a pal.

   If you need help learning how to lift some light or heavy free weights, there are plenty of gyms that offer a complimentary intro class with a fitness trainer who can set you on the right path to sleek arms and a toned tush. Even if you can’t commit to any set activity, try to at least walk at a brisk pace for a half hour each day. You’ll be amazed at how beneficial this is for your entire body and mental outlook.

Tip #4: Cut Out Three Foods

   If your diet is a tad out of whack, don’t go on an extreme one that you know you won’t be able to stick to. Try to cut out three types of foods...fried foods, cheese, and excessive sugars. By doing that you’ll find that your body is naturally going to shed pounds or maintain your current weight.

  Remember to eat a rainbow of as many fruits and vegetables as you want with lean proteins like grilled, baked, or roasted chicken, salmon, or even lean red meat occasionally. Don’t deprive yourself of the occasional burger on the grill or hot dog at the ballpark. Good food outdoors is half of what summer is all about!

Tip #3: Drink More Water

  Water is going to be your best friend in the summer. Actually water is vital all year round, but try to make sure you are getting enough in the summer months when the temp goes up and we all tend to sweat more. Try buying a reusable water container that you like to drink from, like a Swell or Yeti.

Tip #2: Take Care of Your Skin

   Your skin is a big part of your beach body. You want it to look its absolute best. That means use the right sunscreen head to toe, change up your skincare if you need it to be lighter in the summer, and try to tackle problems like dullness or acne with the right products.

  If you are confused about your skincare in general, it is definitely time to get some of the right recommendations from Reflect Skin. We offer a personalized skincare quiz that will show you the products tailored to your skin type based on a series of specific and targeted questions. 

Tip #1: Sunscreen and More Sunscreen

  It had to be said again. You have to wear it. It’s so necessary to prevent aging in your skin. That doesn’t even mention you’re preventing the possibility of skin cancer with each and every application. Look for ones with a physical block like titanium and zinc oxide.

  Your beach body fitness is going to look on point this summer with skin that is glowing and healthy!

Best wishes,

Team Reflect

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