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Managing Rosacea: Tips to Soothe and Improve Your Skin (Part 3 of 3)

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Living with rosacea means being diligent about avoiding triggers. While the process can be daunting, there are several things you can do to reduce the likelihood of irritation. In our earlier articles, we explored ways to change your routine,  ingredients to avoid, and products that can make a difference. In this final installment, we have three more recommendations that may make your skin happier and less apt to revolt in both the short- and long-term.

Dump Your Razor

If you, your husband, or your son has rosacea, then daily shaving can be difficult. Dragging a blade across your skin is even more harsh than using a physical facial scrub (which you should avoid entirely if you have rosacea). Many types of shaving cream also contain ingredients that, like foaming cleansers, irritate the skin. Unless you’re willing to embrace a shave-free life and grow a beard, swap out your traditional blade for an electric razor. The shave may not be as close as you like, but your skin will be happier in the long run. And since aftershave is often loaded with alcohol, opt for a soothing moisturizer instead. It will restore hydration and soothe your skin. 

Practice Safe Sun Exposure

We’ve had the “sunscreen talk” many times, but it bears repeating here. The sun’s rays and its heat are a double threat when it comes to rosacea, so you have to protect your skin whenever you’ll be outdoors. Chemical sunblock can irritate your skin, which is why the National Rosacea Society recommends using physical sunblock, the kind that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, instead. EltaMD’s UV Clear Sunscreen contains transparent zinc oxide (so there’s no white cast), and it prevents UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your skin. The SPF 46 formula dries clear, is non-sticky, and calms skin. For those who prefer powder sunscreen, Colorescience makes four different colored versions that can be brushed onto the skin in mere seconds. Their Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen also makes a beautiful finishing powder when applied over makeup. That comes in handy when you’re trying to simplify your routine (as recommended in part one of our series).

Learn More About IPL

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is one of the few treatments for rosacea that can reduce facial redness long-term. IPL uses beams of light to target blood vessels. Multiple treatments are usually necessary, and the results greatly depend on the skill and experience of the practitioner. If you decide to treat your condition with IPL, choose a provider that specifically offers an "IPL photofacial." The procedure is only mildly uncomfortable and can deliver excellent results when done properly.

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While this is the final installment in our rosacea series, our aesthetic industry experts will continue to keep you apprised of the newest breakthroughs in rosacea research. There’s still progress to be made, and we’re happy to help you design a regimen that keeps your rosacea under control in the meantime. Just let us know how we can help.

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