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5 Tips for a Summer Vacation Skincare Checklist

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   We bet you know exactly how many days there are in summer vacation. If you don’t, here is a fun fact. Summer is 92 glorious days long. Hooray! If you are one of the many lucky people who is going to be traveling somewhere terrific for summer, then you might want to check out this list of 5 skincare tips for summer vacation. You do want to take good care of your skin on vacation, right?

Skincare Tip #5: Pre-Vacation Maintenance 

  This means getting your laser hair treatments or waxing done, if you prefer, right before your trip. Schedule those services a few days before you leave so your skin has time to heal properly from the treatments. It’s only an issue when you have sensitive skin that’s prone to redness. That bikini line will look so much better in your new swimwear if you take care of this before you go. Not having to worry about hair removal while on vacation is awesome!


Skincare Tip #4: Have Your Travel Skincare Ready

  If you need to change up your skincare routine to be a little more summer-friendly, do it now. That means lighter weight products that are oil-free and help to absorb shine. This is necessary if you are going somewhere sunny and humid on vacation or if you just have oily skin in general.

  Buy all your travel sized bottles to put your skincare into that will survive a plane trip or car ride. Keep in mind if you are traveling by air, the TSA still has very specific amounts of liquid product you can take carry-on with you on the plane. Here’s a link to the “liquid rule,” if you are unfamiliar with those regulations.


Skincare Tip #3: Schedule a Spray Tan

  If you want to be tan-ready when you hit the beach, you might want to consider getting a spray tan right before your trip. That might make you feel a little bit sexier when you put on that bikini or one-piece for the first beach trip of the season. Keep in mind you still need to wear your SPF each and every time you go outside.


Skincare Tip #2: Get a Pre-Vacation Massage

  You know what will make your skin look super healthy? Great circulation! You can achieve that with a deep tissue massage. This will not only relax you and put your mind into “vacation mode,” but you’ll also reap the benefits of glowing skin. Drink a lot of water after your massage to amplify the effects of the boost in circulation.


Skincare Tip #1: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and More Sunscreen 

 Here’s the deal with sunscreen. A travel size isn’t going to be enough for your whole trip. Buy the right sunscreen when you get to your vacation destination. Granted that’s not something you can check off your list pre-trip, but it’s so important for the health of your skin that we had to put a tip about it. So get a large regular sized bottle because keep in mind that every application for your entire body, head to toe, should be around a shot glass sized amount of the sunscreen.

  Reflect Skin wants you to have the best vacations this season possible! Taking care of your skin is just an important part of that.

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