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Top 10 Wedding Beauty Secrets

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Top 10 Wedding Beauty Secrets

“My husband and I have never considered divorce ... murder sometimes, but never divorce.”- Dr. Joyce Brothers

Here we are…you are all geared up for you or your friends’ big day. Celebrations, excitement and of course…pictures. We all know they are gonna be looked at for years to come. Are you ready? Did you prepare your skin for today? Let’s look at some secrets to get your skin looking healthy and bright.

#10 Start your skin regimen.

There is a lot of research that suggests it takes 60-90 days before a skincare regimen will take effect. Hot tip: try using a low-level retinol at night. Retinols cause your skin to turnover and can help regenerate collagen which should lead to firmer, smoother looking skin. Also, ALWAYS use medical grade skincare. There is a lot of junk sold over the counter and nobody wants that. When: 6 months before

#9 Get a laser treatment

Ideally, you should do this 1-2 times per year. Microneedling, CO2, Erbium and non-ablative lasers are all good choices to tighten skin and get rid of pigment. Hot tip: Seek out a medical practice with a “Q-switch” for pigment. They are typically used to remove tattoos, but for pigment are virtually painless. When: 3-6 months before

#8 Get some filler

Hyaluronic Acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restalyne are good choices. Don’t let your girlfriends fool you. If they look good they’re doing it. When: 3 Months before

#7 Cut down on the wine

We all need a little break here and there. You’re not being judged. But, to relieve some of that stress try joining a gym or rec center and using the elliptical machine a couple times a week. Or, leave your cell phone at home and go on a short walk/hike/bike ride with a friend. Anything is better than nothing. And, you will start to feel and look better over the next few months. When: 90-120 days out.

#6 Get some Botox

If you haven’t gone down this road yet and you have any fine lines or wrinkles it’s time. A good injector should have it done in 10 minutes or less. Try seeking out a plastic surgeon or dermatology office. Hot tip: look for a registered nurse injector to perform the injection(s). When: 3-4 weeks out 


#5 Get a massage

According to the American Anxiety and Depression Association of America (that was long) “chronic stress can affect your health causing symptoms form headaches, high blood pressure and chest pain to heart palpitations, skin rashes and loss of sleep.” Nobody wants that. When: whenever

#4 Infused microdermabrasion

Try doing a microdermabrasion with infused serums to hydrate your skin and clear up any blackheads. Believe me your skin will feel great afterwards. When: 1 week out

#3 Light Chemical Peel

This is an alternative to getting a microdermabrasion and will also brighten up your skin. When: 1 week out

#2 Hydrate

Keep yourself hydrated. Hot tip: To avoid getting a hangover try drinking a cup of water in-between each drink. When: All day/night long

#1 Use Colorescience Sunforgettable

Photographers don’t usually like sunscreens with zinc because it reflects light. Colorescience developed a dry sunscreen that you can put over makeup and is tinted. And, many Dermatologists estimate upwards of 90% of aging is caused by the sun. If nothing else you will look good for the next go around. When: Everyday



Team Reflect

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