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Top 10 Best Kept Secrets for Weddings

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Everyone loves a wedding, but if you’re the bride or someone in the wedding party, there’s added pressure to look your very best. After all, photographers and friends alike will be snapping pictures of you even when you least expect it. Whether you’re starting your wedding skin prep six months in advance or just a few weeks from now, the following tips will have your skin glowing in no time.

#10 Begin your bridal regimen

If time’s on your side (and we’re talking six months or more), begin using a nighttime moisturizer that contains retinol. Medical grade skincare products will yield the best results, such as increasing the frequency of skin cell turnover. Since it can take more than a month to see results, you need to begin this when your wedding is still several months away.

#9 Visit your dermatologist

Those close-ups are going to last for all eternity, so consider undergoing a laser treatment if your wedding is still 3–6 months away. Your dermatologist offers a host of options for resurfacing and tightening skin as well as treating  hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure or old acne scarring. When choosing a procedure, it’s best to discuss your timeline with your provider. Some downtime is normal with many laser and microneedling procedures, and you need to make sure your skin has time to recover before the wedding.

#8 Consider injectables

Feeling a little deflated? Dermal fillers can plump your appearance back up in minutes. If you have lip lines, lack of volume in your cheeks, or deep nasolabial folds, hyaluronic acid fillers are a good choice. You’ll look your best if you have this procedure done when your wedding is about 2–3 months away because these fillers are short-lived (3–4 months on average). Ask your dermatologist about Revanesse Versa® or Restalyne®And, don’t forget your hands! If they’re looking less than youthful, injectables work here as well.

#7 Meditate, don’t medicate

Everyday life is stressful enough. Throw in a high-profile event, and you’re bound to be anxious. Unfortunately, stress can wreak havoc on your skin and your body, so build a little “me time” into your schedule 3–4 months before the big day. You don’t have to do anything specific, but light exercise on a regular basis works wonders for clearing your head and burning off a few calories.

#6 Time for Botox

No one wants their flaws emphasized in photographs, so if you have crow’s feet, 11 lines, or frownies, consider getting Botox® or Dysport® about three months before your wedding. It relaxes the muscles that may be making you look tired or angry and can soften your appearance as a whole.

#5 Add AHAs and BHAs to your routine

Clearing out those clogged pores takes time, and you don’t want inflamed skin on wedding day. If your wedding is still 2–3 months away, begin using an AHA product nightly to help smooth the surface of your skin. For stubborn blackheads, try a BHA product. You can use both of these in the evening, just be sure to wait 15-20 minutes in between applications to allow each one to do its job.

#4 Microdermabrasion or chemical peel

When you’re coming down to the wire and only have a week or two left to prep, visit your dermatologist for a topical treatment to smooth your skin’s surface. Microdermabrasion gently polishes the skin while a vacuum attachment removes the gunk stuck in your pores. If you prefer, a gentle chemical peel can also soften and brighten your skin.

#3 Start hydrating

Plump, hydrated skin looks best in pictures, so start drinking more water and eating more water-based foods during the final week, if not sooner. Fruits and veggies are loaded with hydration, plus the antioxidants are good for your body and your skin. 

#2 Pamper your pout

You’ll probably be doing more kissing on the big day than on any other day in your life, so treat your lips extra kindly during the week before the wedding. Exfoliating nightly with a damp towel and a sugar scrub will remove any flakes, then apply a lip treatment before bed to plump and pamper your pout.

#1 Eliminate flashback in photographs

Before you take that first step down the aisle, make sure your makeup won’t cause flashback. HD powder has made many a celebrity look ghostly in pictures, but you can avoid that fate by using a finishing powder instead. Colorescience makes a dry sunscreen that can be applied over makeup. It’s available in multiple shades and doubles as finishing powder without causing that white powdery look in photos. 


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