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Top 5 Ways to Prep for Summertime

Posted by Dan Narsete on

“it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!”
-Kenny Chesney

The longest days of the year are here and we are ready. Right? School is out and it’s time to start packing for summer vacations.  To help, we compiled a top 5 list to help you get ready for your favorite hot spots. 

#1 Exercise

Unless you are a tri-athlete (hat’s off to you), most people barely get enough time to squeeze in a few pushups before they hop in the shower.  Wait.  Is that just me? Summer is the season to get in shape. These are the months we can't hide beneath big sweaters and sweatpants anymore.  If you look at adding a few extra minutes/activities here and there, it is completely doable to get back in shape. Think about walking the stairs instead of taking the escalator or elevator. Maybe go on a short walk during your lunch hour or if you can get up a half hour earlier go on a short run 3-4 days a week. Choose the furthest parking spot from Target's doors.  It's the little things.  They do add up.  

#2 Diet

Our bodies are like the cars we drive. If you put quality fuel into them, they perform and function better. It really is a simple to make your diet a little healthier. Try adding gummy fiber to your breakfast. They can be bought at virtually any grocery store and taste like gummy bears! Seriously. Remember the Flintstone vitamins.  Fiber gummies aren't as good, but still yummy. Another dietary change is to include a multi-vitamin in your daily routine. Most of us don’t eat enough vegetables and this will help on that front. Our skin needs nutrients to repair itself and if you don’t take them, well you are just hurting yourself. Eat smaller meals, more frequently.  Summer is a perfect time to load up on watermelon, cold salads, and unsweetened iced green tea.   

#3 Drink more water

Considering that your body is mostly made up of H2O, you would think people would make a bigger effort to consume more of it. More specifically, your skin is comprised of 60%+ water, and we all want great skin, right? According to you should drink about one ounce per pound per day. Try carrying around a Nalgene bottle, filling and drinking it throughout the day. Another idea is to include green leafy vegetables such as spinach in your diet; it is full of water. Have you ever thought about drinking a cup of water with your coffee or tea or before a meal?  

#4 Change up your skin care regimen

With longer days, we are outside more.  Being outside = sun exposure = sun damage (if you are not protected).  The damage to your skin is in the form of free-radicals. To counteract that and still enjoy the outdoors,  amp up the antioxidants in your skincare regimen. Serums with Vitamin C, D, Green Tea Extract and CoQ10 should all be part of your daily routine. They will help reverse the damage caused by UV rays and keep you skin healthy during long, summer days.   

#5 Wear and be consistent with sunscreen

This is a must. Sun damage can account for over 70% of aging. Yep, you can't blame it all on genetics.  If you put it on every morning, good job!  Now, let's see if you are an A student.  Do you re-apply every 2 hours when you are outside?  No?  Fail.  When looking for a good sunscreen, look for ones that have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide with no additional chemical filters. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which trap in heat by absorption, physical barrier sunscreens will force UV rays to bounce off them. And your skin will thank you for it!

Now, get out there and enjoy this amazing weather!

To your skin health,
Team Reflect 


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