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The Top 5 Ways to Stay Beautiful While Traveling This Summer

Posted by Dan Narsete on


   When you’re traveling for summer vacation, it’s not optimal at times to bring your whole beauty routine. We’ve come up with a list of beauty items that will keep you looking cool in the hot summer travel months.
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Product #5: Dry Shampoo
  Sometimes when you’re traveling it’s not always going to be the best time to wash and redo your hair. You want to get out and enjoy the sites! The sounds! The smells of nations! Freshen up your hair with some dry shampoo and get out the door of the hotel or AirBnb faster.

Product #4: Cleansing Wipes
  Out on the town and fall right into bed after a long day of vacation fun? We do too. That’s why it’s vital to have cleansing wipes by the bed to quickly wipe down your face and remove your makeup when you don't have the energy to do your whole face washing routine.

Product #3: Travel Size Products
 This is especially true if you are carrying on baggage on a plane and won’t be able to check anything. Purchase travel sizes of your can’t live without skincare products to take with you. Or buy little bottles that are TSA approved so you can funnel your existing skincare and hair products into them. Label everything so you know exactly what each travel bottle is because it's amazing how you think you’ll remember what’s what and then you end up putting hair conditioner on your face. 

Product #2: Waterproof Mascara
  Aren’t pretty lashes just the greatest? Don’t forget the waterproof mascara because raccoon eyes at the pool are not cute. Enough said. Throw in some waterproof eyeliner if you really like the glam vacation look.

Product #1: Beauty Emergency Kit
  These are tiny little kits that fit nicely in your carry-on or handbag that have a multiple of teeny tiny beauty items you might need in a pinch. Tiny nail files, stain remover, breath mints, and other things you could end up using. Or your travel companions might need some of this stuff to and it's cool to be the friend that has all of that at the ready.

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