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The Top 5 Fastest Men’s Health and Wellness Tips

Posted by Dan Narsete on


   Listen up fellas, we have some gut busting health and wellness tips you are going to want to hear.  Men want to be in shape and beach body ready just as much as women, so having tips tailored to your special needs is going to net you results fast.

Fast Tip #5: Cut Back on Drinking
  We know, we know. You love your beer, scotch, beer, and more scotch, are we right? You work hard all day long and like to unwind with friends and a ball game. We’re not saying cut it out completely, just slow it up a bit if you want to make faster fitness gains.

Fast Tip #4: Get Regular Check-ups
  We hate to say this, but single guys are less likely to go to to their primary care doctors for regular physicals and wellness checks. Men who are married get pushed into going by their partners most of the time. Take charge of your health. Get those wellness check-up and blood work done to get on top of any issues you might have, like high cholesterol or worse-case scenario pre-diabetes.

Fast Tip #3: Commit to Eating a Little Better
  Fast food and frozen pizza every night isn’t going to get you fit anytime soon. Try to make or learn how to cook some easy weeknight meals you enjoy. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and some starches like sweet potatoes and quinoa are going to put you in fighting shape in no time flat.

Fast Tip #2: Water, Water, and More Water
 This is a little personal, but take a look at your urine output. Is it clear yellow? That’s the sign of a non-dehydrated person. If it’s cloudy or darker yellow, you definitely need to up your water intake.

Fast Tip #1: Stress Less or Try To
  Stress is a body and spirit killer. It will eat you alive if you’re not careful. According to a study in 2015 by the American Physiological Association, Millennials followed by Generation X have the most stress. Well, duh. They are making less money and working more hours than Baby Boomers. Try to stress less and find ways to decompress if you feel life is getting overwhelming. Pick up a hobby or talk to a close friend if you need to vent out some of that stress.


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