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3 Easy Ways to Get Selfie Worthy Skin for Valentine’s Day

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There’s something about February that sets hearts aflutter. The new year is well under way, spring is on the horizon, and candy makers, card sellers, and florists are begging for our dollars. Oh yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means intimate dinners for two, candlelight, and perhaps a little romance. If your plans include any of the above, it’s time to get your skin care routine in order. These three tips will ensure you look your best up close and very personal.

#1 Don’t Change Your Routine—Much

When an important event is on the calendar, you may be tempted to modify your skin care routine in a substantial way. Contrary to popular belief, putting your skin on a sudden and intense treatment schedule can have drastic results. Breaking in a new cleanser or moisturizer before Valentine’s Day can lead to skin irritation or a surprise blemish. Play it safe this season and follow your current routine. If your skin feels rough or looks less than dewy, add a mild exfoliating product to your evening pampering sessions. It will gently remove any dry flakes without aggressively encouraging deep clogs to surface on your special night out.

#2 Hydrate Inside and Out

Did you know that 60 percent of the human body is water? That sounds like a lot, but your body uses most of that hydration internally, which means your skin probably isn’t getting the lion’s share. Water keeps everything functioning, and some water-dense beverages, like coffee, deplete more water than they contribute because they act as diuretics. Drinking water is helpful, but adding a product with hyaluronic acid in it will help your skin draw in more moisture from the air. EltaMD PM Therapy contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, so your skin will look plump and bright in your Valentine’s Day selfies.

#3 Pamper Your Pout

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about lip care for Valentine’s Day. To get your plumpest, most perfect pout, spend a little extra attention on your lip care routine. Just like your face, lips love hyaluronic acid. In fact, it plumps them up without the annoying tingle that comes with cosmetic lip plumpers. (By the way, those products sting because they’re irritating your skin.) Lips also love a good massage, and they’re not picky about which tool you use. Rubbing a wet toothbrush across your lips after you brush your teeth will gently remove any flaky skin. Follow up with a nightly application of Epionce’s Anti-Aging Lip Renewal, and your pout will be pretty and soft for all those sweet smooches. 

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As always, we’re here to help you on your journey, so let us know if you need some extra guidance. Better yet, why not send your sweetheart a little skin care love this year? We’d be happy to help you pick a few goodies that will put a smile on your sweetie’s face on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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