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The Importance of a Regimen

Posted by Dan Narsete on


"In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes"
– Violet Grey

As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” Skincare is no different. The truth about skincare is if you don’t do it on a regular basis it’s not going to work. Skincare is all about using a regimen that is both consistent and tailored to what you need. There is an overwhelming amount of advertising about this new product or that new skincare line, but what does all of that really mean anyway? Let’s take a look:

How does skin care work?

To start, let’s walk through how skincare works in the first place. Our skin is designed to repel bacteria, viruses, dirt, oils, and liquids from getting into our body. Because of this barrier our skin creates, it can be difficult to get skincare products into a position to be effective. According to Dermatologist Dr. Amy Paul it is, “necessary to clean off dead skin cells to get down to active carrier cells. These live cells have multiple receptor sites which in turn communicate to regenerate collagen.”  Collagen helps maintain the elasticity of your skin as well as preventing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, so we want our collagen to keep on regenerating!

Consistency is key

Now that we have a basis for how skincare works, we need to look at consistency. Thanks to a multitude of scientific data and research, we know that certain serums will help your skin. The challenge is for you to do it every day and put the right material on your skin. Many leading dermatologists suggest for collagen to regenerate it takes 60-90 days for your body to “kick into gear.” This means that consistently applying your regimen (and a little patience) is key in order to get the skincare results you want.

What regimen is right for me?

Picking the right regimen can be a daunting task. It’s important to understand things like your skin type, goals, and biggest concerns when selecting the right regimen. Your skincare regimen should be done on a regular basis as part of a multi-step approach to overall skin health. If you need help getting started on a personalized skin care regimen, click here for more information. This is our specialty and we would love to help you start your skincare journey!


To your skin care success,

Team Reflect


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