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Skincare For Men

Posted by Dan Narsete on


We have some exciting news to share here at Reflect.  We’ve just launched customized skincare regimens for men!  It’s another step towards our master plan of saving the world one wrinkle at a time.

Why would a man’s skincare be different than a woman’s?  Besides having facial hair and dealing with the stress from shaving, men’s skin is 25%+ thicker than women’s skin and produces more oil. Therefore, men require specific products for their needs.

In addition to understanding the differences of skin types, we’ve created our algorithm for men based on a few things:

  • Simplicity
  • Results
  • Price

See what the guys have to say:

“I recently began the Sweet and Simple 3H1 program and am very pleased with how it is working out so far. My line of work requires me to be in the sun all the time and I've had a hard time finding a product that keeps me hydrated without causing breakouts.” - Jim

“My skin feels and looks better than it did prior to me using it. I plan to continue using the products in the future!” – Zac

“Fantastic products! Fast shipping (was sent much faster than I anticipated) and the communication is off the hook.” - Nick

In celebration of our new launch, ALL regimens are 10% off! 

Cheers to great skin,
Dan Narsete


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