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Rosacea Awareness Month

Posted by Dan Narsete on

April is Rosacea Awareness Month so we thought it’s the perfect time to talk about what it is and some suggestions for dealing with it.

Everyone from former President Bill Clinton to Renee Zellweger and Cameron Diaz are forced to deal with super red cheeks from time to time. We’ve all seen it or maybe you have had some personal experience with it andfor some reason it doesn’t go away. Not to worry. Over 10 million people in the US alone deal with Rosacea every day.

Why does it happen?

Although some men do have it, rosacea is a common problem that generally affects women over the age of 30. In short, it is large areas of redness on the face. Dermatologists describe it as veins on the face that may also have bumps (pimples) and visible vessels. Rosacea can appear everywhere from your décolleté (chest) to your neck and up to your forehead. Why it happens in the first place is still a mystery but physicians are working on finding a specific cause.

Defense is the best offense

If you are concerned with rosacea, the best advice we can give is to go see your local dermatologist. They can diagnose the issue and, in some circumstances, prescribe medicines to help. In the meantime, many leading physicians recommend using a cleanser and moisturizer to keep the skin clean and hydrated. It’s an easy thing to overlook and you would be surprised how many women don’t do it. It’s important to get the right kind of moisturizer based on your skin type so you don’t clog any pores and cause breakouts.  Brands such as Epionce have a great selection on different types of cleansers and moisturizers. They offer both medical grade and researched-backed products so you know they have quality products.

Next, the best step is a good defense. We all love the sun but UVA and UVB rays can make rosacea worse. A solid sunscreen to keep the skin protected against sun damage is always a good idea. Sunscreen will help keep any vessels protected in addition to keeping your skin healthy. One of the best sunscreen’s out there is a dry, powder based brush made by Colorescience called Sunforgettable. It’s easy to apply, is SPF 50, has both titanium and zinc oxide, and only takes seconds to apply.

Triggers are also a good thing to watch out for. Some people have triggers that may involve foods, stress, and even hot drinks. Even though wine and spicy foods are some of our favorite things, they can cause flushing and in turn create more issues with rosacea.

To sum it up…

Rosacea can be a challenge for millions of people. If you or someone you know has it, there are options and help is available. Keep wearing your sunscreen and if you’re worried about it, make an appointment with your local physician. In the meantime, take our skin care quiz which can help you determine which products will work best for your skin.

To combatting rosacea,

Team Reflect 

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