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Question and Answer: Any Rosacea Tips?

Posted by Dan Narsete on


Lucky for us, we have a board-certified plastic surgeon and dermatologist on our team to get answers to these kinds of questions.  We also have aesthetic industry insiders that keep us up to date on the newest trends and hottest products in the skin care arena. So, if you have questions or want to know what’s the latest and greatest, don’t hesitate to ask!

Rosacea affects millions of people in the US and around the world. According to the National Rosacea Society, “16 million Americans suffer from the signs and symptoms of rosacea.” The other day I was talking with a few practitioners who were convinced rosacea was caused by parasites. Crazy, right? I had never heard of that, so when asked if it were true, I thought to myself, “time to call our dermatologist Dr. Amy Paul to get some clarification on this.”

According to Dr. Paul, “rosacea is caused by chronic inflammation and not by one specific thing (even parasites). Vascular hyper-reactivity to triggers such as heat, stress (flushing/blushing), caffeine, spices….there are lots of triggers.” Here’s what we can do about it from a skincare perspective. We can help to reduce inflammation from the sun, pollution, dryness and using proven, medical grade products.

#1 Get the right cleanser

If you are using soap you purchased from the store, throw it in the trash. Most store-bought soaps dry out and irritate your skin. Instead, try something like IS Clinical Cleanser. It has a pH-balanced amount of salicylic and glycolic acids in it. The salicylic will keep dead skin from clinging to oil (which is great for acne) and acts like an anti-inflammatory.

#2 Use the right serum

Yeah, there are thousands of “magic serums” out there. Try using one that acts as both an anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants in it. The antioxidants will help protect you from the sun, which is a HUGE trigger for Rosacea. The anti-inflammatory will help prevent your skin from turning red. A good choice for this is Epionce’s Lite Lytic TX. It has both azelaic acid and zinc in it which are potent anti-inflammatory agents.

 #3 Put on AND reapply sunscreen

Everyone knows sunscreen is very important to use, but many of us forget to not only apply BUT reapply as well. This is essential for your skin health. The best kind of sunscreen to use is a  physical based sunscreen because it will block both UVA and UVB light. Otherwise, you’re going to  continue to have issues with redness. It’s really that simple. After you cleanse and put on your daily serum, try using Colorescience’s Sunforgettable. It has both zinc and titanium which block sun instantly and can be reapplied over makeup, bare skin, etc because it’s a dry sunscreen. Seriously, it’s a tinted powder that you can match with your skin tone. Stuff is amazing!

We know rosacea isn’t fun, but there are ways to control the symptoms. There are so many different triggers out there it’s impossible to avoid them all, but do your best to avoid them when you can.  Don’t forget to get yourself onto a quality skin care regimen. Try out a skincare regimen that is custom tailored for you. We can help (take our skincare quiz and build a regimen for yourself).

To getting rid of rosacea,


Team Reflect

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