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Is Brand Loyalty Sabotaging Your Skin Care Goals?

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Loyalty has its merits, especially when it comes to relationships with friends and loved ones. You probably have your fair share of holy grail brands and products, but brand loyalty also has its downfalls—particularly when it comes to skin care. We’re not suggesting that you scrap every favorite from your skin care routine, but if your go-to cleanser, serum, or moisturizer is no longer performing optimally, then consider the following.

The Pitfalls of Infomercial Skin Care

We’re not calling out any particular brand here, but the infomercial culture has made millions of dollars by marketing packaged skin care to consumers. These three-, five-, and seven-step “systems” are sold by the thousands every day and have convinced consumers that they should trust a singular brand for all their individual needs. While this may have been a good way to build a regimen initially, over time, most consumers learn that they need a variety of products to suit their unique needs. Sadly, these “systems” rarely contain the necessary elements that truly deliver results on an individual level. They all claim you can “mix and match” from their different lines, but most product labels say things like “for best results, use with our…” It’s important to remember that manufacturers are looking to make money, and if they can get you to buy one product, you’re more likely to purchase another.

Why People Settle for Mediocre Results

For many people, brand loyalty isn’t really a conscious choice; it’s something that evolves over time out of fear that a new product will cause a breakout or be a waste of money. For instance, that moisturizer you used in your 20s probably isn’t doing enough for your skin now that you’re over 30. Instead of researching or risking money on something new, we settle for “meh” because potential failure is a risk that we prefer to avoid. Seeing results also takes time, which means sticking with something new for 28–90 days, and that’s a long time to wait.

No One Is Good at Everything

Many companies make amazing products, but when they try to expand their selection of offerings, there’s no guarantee that everything will work for everyone. Think of it like this. You probably see a doctor and a dentist a couple times each year. Their skill sets are entirely different, so visiting them for something outside their expertise doesn’t make sense. Buying skin care works the same way. Just because you love ABCs serum doesn’t mean their cleanser is the best choice for your skin.

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The best way to build a skin care routine that addresses your needs is to be loyal to ingredients and research, not brands. Vitamin C serums are not all alike. They need to be formulated properly with a percentage of active ingredients that matches up with scientific evidence. We’ll be happy to help you make informed choices about your routine. Just complete our quiz to arrange for a sample box with products that are medically proven to do what they promise.

To being loyal to your skin’s needs,

Team Reflect

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