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How Can I Get Glowing Skin?” – Get the Answer Here

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If you had a magic lamp and three wishes, what would you ask for? Based on the questions our team routinely receives, “How can I make my skin glow?” is among the top 10. While celebrities often have that dewy, well rested look, getting (and keeping) a healthy glow is a challenge for most regular people. Luckily, there are several ways to achieve it, so here are our top five recommendations.

#1 Keep Those Pores Clean

The connection between cleansing and clear skin is obvious. Pores collect debris—from makeup to sunscreen to airborne pollutants. Blocked pores and blackheads detract from a healthy glow, but they can be minimized by using a gentle cleanser with an exfoliating component. iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex gently removes makeup and dirt. Since it contains both sugar cane extract and willow bark extract, sources of glycolic and salicylic acid, it also deep cleans pores, so they’re less visible.

#2 Hyper-Hydrate Inside and Out

Just like all your other organs, your skin needs water. While consuming eight glasses of water per day is widely recommended, most of that liquid is utilized by your internal organs, which means your skin needs a little extra help. In addition to boosting your daily intake, be sure to add a hydrating moisturizer to your routine. This is best done within a few minutes of cleansing while your skin is still receptive to moisture. Damp skin draws in skin care products deeper, so don’t dawdle. And while any good quality moisturizer will hydrate somewhat, a moisturizer that’s rich in ceramides, like Elite’s Fortified Moisturizer, will hold that moisture in longer.

#3 Add a Brightening Serum to Your Routine

If you have dark spots, lingering redness from acne, or other sun damage, consider adding a brightening serum that contains tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THDA) to your routine. THDA is an oil-soluble form of vitamin C that penetrates the dermis and helps fade or eliminate dark marks while inhibiting melanin production. Citrix’s Vitamin C Pro-Collagen Brightening Serum contains THDA, L-ascorbic acid, and arbutin, so you’ll get three great ingredients that work together to keep your skin glowing.

#4 Laser Treatments

Great skin care may not get you all the way to your goal, but laser and microneedling treatments might do the trick. If you’re still plagued by hyperpigmentation, a CO2 or PicoSure laser treatment is a good choice. The CO2 laser is very precise and removes damaged skin via short beams of light. If you have a large area of discoloration, then the PicoSure laser is the way to go. And as a bonus, both treatments stimulate collagen production, so your skin will look plumper and feel firmer, too.

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Restoring that dewy glow may not happen overnight, but a consistent skin care regimen will make it happen. We can help you choose products that work for your specific needs, too. Just ask us. We’re always happy to help.

To getting your glow on,


Team Reflect


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