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Dry Skin Causes that May Surprise You

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No one enjoys having dry skin, but sometimes it’s just a fact of life. Changing weather conditions play a role as do things like wind and water. If you feel like your moisturizer just isn’t doing its job, you may be right. Choosing the correct product will make a difference but learning some of the key aggravators will help you adopt better practices and hopefully stave off that tight, itchy feeling. Here are a few things that cause excess dryness as well as some tips to treat them.

Frequent Hand Washing

Washing your hands keeps germs at bay, but hot water and hand soap often ravage the skin, leaving it taut and dry. If your job includes frequent contact with water, then consider switching to a cream-based cleanser with ingredients like shea or cocoa butter. These can prevent the cracking associated with frequent washing. It’s also a good idea to keep a fragrance-free bottle of lotion nearby to slather on while your hands are still damp. This helps the moisture penetrate better, and the lack of fragrance will ensure that nothing stings or irritates your parched skin. 

Low Humidity and Dry Air

When humidity levels drop in winter, the nice warm air that your heater generates can simultaneously zap your skin. Whether in your office, home, or car, every time you go in and out of an environment where the air is warm, your skin’s moisture slips away. Adding a personal humidifier to your work space or bedroom will help your skin stay balanced. You can also spritz your skin with facial mist to add back some lost moisture. Look for one with humectants – the goodies that keep skin plump – like hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Just avoid straight water sprays which can exacerbate the dryness.

Harsh Cleansers

A nice, warm shower works wonders on aching muscles, but if the water is too hot, it can make already dry skin even worse. Keeping clean is both a priority and a necessity, but water temperatures as well as face and body cleansers also need to be balanced. You probably wouldn’t use body wash on your face (we hope), but a harsh facial cleanser will make things flake, itch, and feel like sandpaper. Using a medical grade cleanser like Epionce’s Milky Lotion Cleanser will both cleanse and soothe dry, irritated skin. And as for that bar soap, consider switching to a moisture-rich body wash with honey or coconut oil, which will make your skin happier and healthier.

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If your dry skin comes and goes, take our simple quiz to determine which form of skincare is right for you. Some conditions may require a doctor’s intervention, so plan to visit your dermatologist if you suspect you have an underlying medical condition because there are products to help keep your symptoms at bay. 

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