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4 Tips For a “Good Skin” Holiday

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Between decorating, traveling, and shopping, holiday season can take a toll on a person. It’s easy to lose yourself in the season, but you’ll probably be in more than a few pictures, so finding ways to keep your skin glowing all season long is a must. Even though your schedule is hectic, these four tips will keep your skin soft, safe, and seasonally beautiful with minimal effort.

Bring Your Own Products

Holiday traveling may include spending time with family and friends or just getting away for a nice winter break. Whenever you visit a different environment, your skin can revolt. Relying on hotel products or your best friend’s cleanser is never a good idea, so plan to pack travel-size versions of your cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. You’ll be less likely to experience skin sensitivity if your tried-and-true products go along for the trip.

Take Good Care of Your Lips

With all that’s on your mind during this season, lip care can easily fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, winter weather can leave your pout chapped and cracked, but you can remedy that with a good lip balm and treatment product. Try to avoid licking your lips because that just exacerbates the problem. Instead, slick on a layer of hydrating balm to moisturize and protect against UV exposure.

Upgrade Your Moisturizer

If you plan to visit a windy city this holiday season, it may be time to rethink your moisturizer. Wind can strip moisture from skin within seconds and leave chapped, sensitive skin in its wake. To hydrate and protect, it’s best to switch to a medical grade moisturizer or cream in a jar instead of a pump bottle. Jarred products tend to be more occlusive, which means they create a barrier on your skin that keeps precious moisture in longer. While some creams may be too heavy for certain skin types, Elite Facial Cream Ultra Light is suitable for acne-prone skin, and their Fortified version works great for drier skin types. These moisturizers contain ceramides, which help strengthen your skin’s barrier and protect it from the wind, as well as humectants to hold moisture in. They’re also paraben, gluten, oil, and fragrance-free.

Slather on Sunscreen

Since the sun is the primary cause of skin aging, it’s important to use a quality sunscreen every time you’ll be outside. You may think that you can skip it on overcast days or during visits to wintery areas, but you can still get sun damage in those environments. And if your holiday plans involve some form of snow play, be prepared for reflective exposure, which doubles those UV rays since you get them from above and from below. If the thought of liquid sunscreen makes you cringe, take heart. Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen from Colorescience is a powder sunscreen. There are several color choices to suit different skin tones, and the brush applicator makes reapplication a breeze.

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