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3 Tips for Valentine’s Day Skin Care

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you get (or give) a box of chocolates, flowers, and a nice dinner? Maybe a card or a nice text message? Hopefully it is a great day for you and that special someone. We made a short list for a few things to help your skin on this very romantic day.

#1 Watch the sweets

We aren’t trying to be a buzz kill here, but there are several foods that can cause inflammation, which can lead to even more annoying things like acne. Foods as simple as milk can be an acne trigger according to Dermatologist Dr. Amy Paul. As luck would have it, just about every desert has milk in it. Unfortunately, we have to include chocolate on this list, too. A quick tip would be just to take it easy on the sweets and dairy. Try eating a multivitamin to offset the inflammation caused by all the junk food that we all know and love.

#2 Drink more water

Our skin is over 60% water and most people don’t drink enough water. I’m sure you are saying to yourself, “my latte has water in it so that counts, right?!” While it does contain water, the caffeine in said latte act as a diuretic (makes you pee) and will force you to lose water. When you are dehydrated, you can create a whole list of skin related problems and acne is on the low end of issues. An easy fix is when you pull up at the drive through to get your double-foam almond milk latte with a twist of… (you get the picture) order a large (Venti) water to go. Sip on it in between gulps of coffee and you will help balance the loss of water.

#3 Wear sunscreen

Did you know up to 80% of the sun’s rays go right through clouds? It’s not uncommon to think that because its cloudy and cold that UV rays aren’t hitting you. The exact opposite is happening. When it’s cloudy, it’s generally a little cooler, right? That is because the heat (infrared light) is being absorbed by the water in clouds. So, it’s totally normal to think you are okay without sunscreen. But, UV rays, which cause skin damage, aren’t absorbed in water (clouds). We talk a lot about sunscreen primarily because a lot of people don’t use it. In a study conducted by the Skin Cancer Foundation, they concluded that up to 90% of aging is caused by the sun! Granted, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but you want to protect your loved ones, right?

Being smart about it

As mentioned earlier the goal here isn’t to be a “debbie downer,” but to help keep you protect your skin. Vitamins, sunscreen, and water are all easy fixes, right? And, let’s be honest, we can all benefit from those three things. They are simple, readily available, and are inexpensive. Hopefully you take some or all the advice here and are better off for it. Hears to having beautiful skin on Valentine’s Day!


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