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3 Things You Must Do Before Having Breast Augmentation

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“You start out happy that you have no hips or boobs. All of a sudden you get them, and it feels sloppy. Then just when you start liking them, they start drooping.”
Cindy Crawford

Choosing to have breast augmentation, aka breast implants, is a very personal decision. Maybe your breasts are different sizes or have lost volume since you had children or lost weight. The choice may also have a lot to do with feeling better about how you look in, or out of, clothes. Whatever the reason, it’s not a decision to enter into lightly. Here are some key things to do and consider before undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

Select the Right Surgeon

A positive outcome depends upon the skills of the surgeon, so picking one without doing your homework is an absolute no-no. Start by visiting the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) to verify that the surgeon you’re considering is properly certified. Visit websites, ask to review gallery photos including “before” and “after” pictures, and read reviews and testimonials extensively. You should never entrust your body to someone unless you feel 100 percent confident in his or her skills.

Choose Between Silicone and Saline

Aside from cost factors and FDA guidelines regarding patient age and implant usage, you have some choices to make in this area. First, research both saline and silicone implants to decide which material suits your life and goals. Size selection may be difficult to envision, so ask your selected surgeon if he or she has a sizer that you can try on. This will help you gauge how your breasts will look once you’ve undergone augmentation. Don’t forget to be realistic in terms of sizing. Looking proportionate is important, and certain implants may look more natural but feel too firm.

Prepare Thoroughly Before Your Consultation

Before choosing a surgeon, it’s important to ask questions … a lot of them! It’s easy to become overwhelmed when meeting with someone, so plan ahead and make a list of things you’d like to know. Nothing’s off the table here. Ask how long the surgeon has been performing breast augmentations, how many he/she does in a week or month, what the procedure entails, how to prepare, and what to expect in the days and weeks after the procedure. Don’t be shy during the consultation either. An informed decision makes a big difference. Tip: Don’t forget to ask about placement options (i.e. under or over your chest muscle). 

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Advances in breast augmentation have made it a safe and suitable option for women over 18 no matter which type of implant they choose. Going into any type of cosmetic surgery fully informed will make the entire process more pleasurable, so consider your options carefully and don’t hesitate to interview more than one surgeon. Ultimately, you’ll be seeing him or her at regular intervals for implant checkups, so make sure you’re comfortable with the person you select.

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