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3 Skincare Essentials for a Fabulous Festival Season

Posted by Dan Narsete on

Spring has sprung, and that can only mean one thing — festival season has officially begun. If you’re a music fan, then you’ve probably got tickets for at least one upcoming festival and a plan to enjoy some time outdoors. Whether you’re enjoying one day in the desert or trekking cross country for a three-day experience, these tips will keep your skin in tip top shape during your excursion.

Pare Down the Necessities

Recreational events aside, your accommodations will dictate how and what you pack. A nice hotel may include skincare amenities, but if you’re pitching a tent or relaxing in an RV, you’ll need to put some thought into your essentials. Since space will likely be at a premium, transfer some of your necessities into travel bottles. Cleanser is easy to pare down, but when transferring your cream to a smaller container, remember to put a piece of plastic wrap or foil in between the jar and the lid, especially if you’ll be heading to a mountain location. And leave some space in those bottles for expansion. You don’t want your cleanser to explode at elevation, especially on your play clothes. If this all seems like too much work, pick up one of our sample kits. The bottles fit neatly in a backpack or bag, and you won’t have to invest in unnecessary plastic.

Create a 5-Minute “Get Clean” Routine

Exhaustion is par for the course during festival season, but going to bed without washing your face is just asking for trouble. Grime of all kinds can latch on during long days (and nights), so plan to clean up before hitting the hay. If showers are scarce, carry a bottle of cleansing water (aka micellar water) in your bag. It will safely remove germs, makeup, and glitter (duh!) while hydrating your skin for the night. After that, apply a lightweight moisturizer to restore the hydration that the sun stripped away, and you’ll be good to go in the morning.

Sun Protection

Be it sand or sea or city air, your skin needs protection from the elements. Before taking a single step outdoors, apply broad spectrum sunscreen and lip balm. A hat and lightweight wrap may keep some of those UV rays at bay, but premature aging and unnecessary sun damage are the last things you want to bring home with you. For quick on-the-go touch ups, tuck a tube of Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen in your tote. It comes in four different shades to match a variety of skin tones, has SPF 50, and acts as both sun protection and finishing powder, so you’ll look fresh and lovely all day and night.

~ ~ ~

If all goes well, you’ll come home no worse for wear with plenty of pictures and a story or two. Even if you’re utterly exhausted when you return, take a few moments to transfer your skincare products back into their original containers. It might seem like extra work, but leaving them in your travel bag may mean they’ll be less effective when you need them the next time. Skincare expires just like everything else, and sun damage is the last thing you want when out and about.

Enjoy the season,

Team Reflect

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